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Thursday, July 12, 2007

And It's Not Freeze Tag

I've been tagged for the first time
by Heather at
with the mission to tell eight random things about myself.

Hmmm, okay, here goes:

1) My graduating class from high school had only
40 people in them. One of them went on to be on TV
in "For Love or Money."

2) I lived in Italy for 3 years as a child.

3) I was hit by a police car in front of La Scala.

4) I am physically incapable of going to sleep without reading first.

5) I was told we wouldn't be able to have children and we have three!

6) I am a carb freak. Life without pasta wouldn't be a life worth living.

7) I don't like scented laundry detergent. I find it too cloying and I like being able
to smell my children.

8) Part of the reason we have a dog is that I am too lazy to actually
pick up the food that drops on the floor: enter the Sherpa!

Okay, I am tagging:

Lori from The Simple Life at Home
Crista from Never A Dull Moment
Gretchen from A House Full of Boys
Gina from Parachute or Anvil

Now go update your blogs!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Leeann, these were all new things to me! What else are you hiding?!

Splaneyo said...

You always make me laugh - thanks for playing. Hit by a police car?


MOM said...

See? Living in Italy has it's benefits. All kinds of interesting stories to Keep 'em coming!