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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Little Fellow

The little fellow of the house,
the one forever deemed the baby
no matter how old or big or competent he gets
has now finished preschool.

No more preschool.

I can hardly believe it.

I now have three school aged kids.

No baby,
no toddler,
no preschooler.

The end of an era for certain.

While I will be happy
to be rid of the short day schedule,
the driving of a child to and from school daily
I will admit to being a bit sad about it as well.

Trey's first day of preschool, 2006 year

Trey's first team sport:

Trey's last day of preschool:

Trey with his wonderful and hardworking teacher, Miss Christina:

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MOM said...

WOW, amazing how much older he looks from the first day of the school year till the last day..Cutie pie. He's growing up. Liked the smile when he's all dressed up in his "team outfit." You are entering a new era, but I think you'll enjoy it.