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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am getting old!

It is raining like crazy here
one of those sudden and strong
summer thunderstorms.

I love them.

I am a little bummed out
because tonight was Chris's last baseball game
and that won't be happening, clearly.

However, I have a touch of a stomach bug today
the kind that renders you suddenly and inexplicably
and frankly, a baseball field is the last place
I felt like being.

Okay, I know,
too much info..

if you thought that was bad,
stop now.

This morning I was getting ready
to start the day,
post shower,
when I suddenly felt compelled
to look in the mirror more closely
than I usually do.

I am not a makeup wearer,
so I don't usually get right up close to the mirror.

I was horrified to find
coming from my chin
a dark hair!!

What. the. fuck.

I am way too young to have
a dark hair growing from my chin.

I mean, I know it happens to
other women
but not to me!
I have always secretly laughed
in horror at the idea
of finding a whisker
or growing a mustache.

I should have known better.

It has been haunting me all day.

I will be driving along
and suddenly I will lunge
for the driver's mirror
and careen wildly in my lane
while I check frantically
for any new hairs that might have sprouted.

I will be walking by a shop window,
screech to a sudden halt
causing all manner of calamity behind me
while I squint owlishly at my chin.

Please, dear God, let it be a fluke.

I don't want to be
Aunt Bunny with a mustache!

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