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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicago, part deux

Hi, have you missed me?

The only acceptable answer is the affirmative.

Shut Up
and go to another, kinder blog.

I am still living it up here in Chicago.

Major storms today though.
It is incredible how loud
the thunder was.

I was BOOKING my ass
to get back to the hotel!

I don't know if it echoes off
all the tall buildings or what
but it sounded like the sky
was going to split over my head.

What's sad is even at that prospect,
I didn't break into a run,
a sprint or even a jog.

I went to see the movie 1408 today.

Yes, I am one of those remarkably wise women
who goes to see a movie about haunted hotel rooms
while staying in a hotel room.


At least I didn't go see it at night!

Speaking of going to see movies in the daytime,
I think one of the most disorienting things
is coming out of a movie theater
in the middle of the day.

It just feels like
you have somehow gone missing
and then you were light beamed
back into place
and no one noticed you were gone.

Okay, I know I'm weird.
No need to tell me.

I'm hoping to score a discount ticket
to see WICKED tomorrow
at the matinée showing.

They do a lottery drawing
and sell each ticket for $25 dollars.

I think these are on the first two rows.

Please wish me luck!!

Assuming it stops raining,
I will walk on down to the Navy Pier
this evening to get the boys
a cool rocket thing I saw
that I know they would love.

Cheers from Chicago!

PS- pictures forthcoming.
Blogger is being a butt
about uploading right now.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Oh! Good luck on getting your "Wicked" tickets! That would be great! I'm so jealous of you off in the big city exploring and having fun. Have a great time!