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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Greetings from Chi-Town

Cover your ears,
this might be loud:


I'm done.

Yep, my darling
(long been missing in action
due to his trial)
husband and I
are here in the Windy City.

It is work related for him
but for me, it is a full blown vacation
and I am one happy camper.

We slept in this morning
then did some walking on the Magnificent Mile.
Our big purchase was a bag of
Garrett's Caramel Popcorn.

Oh. My.
If you have not had this before,
then you have truly never had caramel popcorn.

Delicious with a capital D!

After Rob does his afternoon meeting,
we are headed over to the Navy Pier.

We will poke around in the shops,
eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
and ride the Ferris Wheel.

Tomorrow Rob has the day off.

We are wait listed to do a Segway tour
of Chicago.
Other than that,
we are going to go to Gino's East
and have some true Deep Dish pizza
and then catch a performance
of the Blue Man Group.

Whoo hoo!


MOM said...

Have fun. Don't fall off the Segway..Eat a few bites of the caramel popcorn for me!

Splaneyo said...

Sounds like we hit all of the same places. We try to get to Chicago every few months - I love it there. As far as the popcorn goes, I get half regular and half carmel. I like the salty sweet combination. I am very jealous about the Blue Man Group. You will have to blog all about it! Have a great time!