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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has sprung here on the East Coast
and it has been just lovely outside.
low 7o's.

The birds are singing
the squirrels are running about
chattering and playing
squirrel tag.

Baseball season has kicked off again
Chris is playing his last year of
coach pitch and is a Cub again
with the same coach.

Kate starts up drama practice
this weekend
culminating in a May production
of High School Musical.

Trey may or may not play soccer
depending on how motivated
his parents feel.
Poor third child.

Spring heralds many other changes as well:

--the changeover from comforter to quilt

--the storing of the flannel sheets
(my newest love this winter has been
fleece sheets. OMG, heaven!)

--the frequent changes of clothes as
the kids layer and disrobe as the temperature
rises and drops.

--the shoes that are drying from Trey
wading in the creek two days ago

--the tupperware containers scattered
in the backyard, used to catch worms
and roly poly bugs

We won't even go into me forcibly shaving my daughter's
armpits after nearly being choked to death,
even though she insists she is using deoderant.

My gosh, she is growing so fast.
She has grown another five inches since April.
She is in the last size in the kid catalogs of LL Bean
and Lands End before we have to look at the Women's clothes!
I am doing my best to keep her from knowing
there are other types of clothes and
Junior departments out there.

Although, she knows all this stuff.
She is just having mercy on me.
From what my friends have all told me,
13 or 14 is the magic age
where I become intolerable.

Okay, my ramblings are done
for today...


Leeann said...

I've heard people are having trouble leaving comments, so I am giving it a try.

Richard said...

My gosh, the news about Kate had me floored; I knew she was changing but the rapidity of it is stunning. It's great that not only you notice it, but you are documenting it, too. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Kate myself.

Are those the fleece sheets that M&I got you all for Christmas? We still have ours on the beddie – still cold here, and we expect a winter storm tomorrow.

mimitock said...

Katie has hair in her armpits?? Gads, it won't be long now. Would have loved to have seen THAT scene!! YOU shaving her armpits? You would have killed me if I had tried that with you. Remember when you shaved your legs ALL the way up your thighs?? You could hardly wait to start shaving you legs? How is Katie on that subject? She'll enjoy reading about this when she gets to be about 30!! You have a good catalog of how she grew. THAT you'll appreciate as you forget who did what, but not about shaving her pits!!
I don't know whether to laugh or cry....guess I'll laugh!! That and Trey's tick..You've had an interesting week..
What are fleece sheets?