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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dr. Leffler

I heard some very sad news last night.

A very good man and pediatrician was killed earlier this month
in a drunk driving accident.

A 21 year old boy,
out celebrating his 21st birthday,
crossed the line in his car.


Two lives
both with much to offer
and much to give,
at a sudden, inexplicable end.

I didn't know the boy,
but my prayers go out to his parents
and the grief and sadness they must feel.

But I knew Dr. Leffler very well.

He was the man who saw both my boys
after their birth.

He was the Dr. I would always request.

He helped me with countless asthma attacks
with my middle son.
Thumping his back gently,
listening intently

A small smile always playing on his lips
and his feet always ensconced in a
throwback pair of Birkenstocks.

He saw us through three ear tube surgeries
countless ear infections and
perforated ear drums.

He arranged for a surgical consult to occur
immediately when Chris fell on the bleachers
and nearly severed his tongue
required it to be sutured back together.

I trusted his recommendation implicitly
and never thought twice.

The surgeon did a remarkable job.

I was not surprised.

Dr. Leffler,

You will be dearly missed.
Thank you for your knowledge,
your kindness and dedication
to your young patients.
Thank you for being that rare breed of doctor
who listens to parents,
REALLY listens,
and never making them feel
like "
just parents."

Dr. Leffler,
Thank you for giving my children
a healthy start to life,
especially Chris.
I will always remember the love
he received in your care.

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mimitock said...

I'm sooo sorry to hear about Dr. Leffler. You didn't tell me and I just found out by reading your blog. That is very sad. I hope you and the boys will find another caring doctor who "really listens" to mothers. He reminds me of Dr. Ragan you and Richard went to in TX. He was also a very good doctor who listened!!
Love to all and mercy to his family.