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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grease is the Word

Holy crap.

I borrow movies
each week
for the kids
from the library.

It's a great deal
because they get in
all the new releases
as soon as they come out
and it's free.

like me,
you manage to rack up
weekly fees
in which case,
it's not.

But anyway.

Perusing this week's offerings,
I find in the new DVDs section
GREASE with a special
Rydell High sing a long
bonus feature.

I thought it might be
high time to bring it on home
and check it out,
especially since Kate is in
a drama class doing
and we all know that it is a poor
copycat of GREASE.

Let's show the kid
how it's really done.


I do not know how I managed
to miss how
freaking ass
Grease is.

I worshipped that movie
in fourth grade.
I had the book,
I had the posters,
I knew it by heart.

Thank God I was
a naive youngster.

My kids were sitting there with me
as I was flinching through
their questions:

Mommy, why is everyone SMOKING?
(this said with a gasp of horror)
Why are they drinking from brown bags?
What does "put out" mean, Mom?
Why are they being so mean to Sandy? She's nice!

I made it through fifteen
minutes of the film
and then brightly suggested
we move on to the music instead.
It will be FUN!!

Oh Leeann,
you stupid, stupid

Did you know that
the words
are in Greased Lightning?
Not to mention
and frequent references to
making girls cream?

Just in case you didn't know,
check out the new edition of Grease.
They helpfully scroll
all the words to the songs
as they play
just so your kids can be sure
to learn them all

and then ask you

"Mom, what's a
pussy wagon?"

Is there a chaper on that
in Dr. Spock?


Anonymous said...

Hi Leeann,
Yes, I had forgotten how raunchy some of my favorite old movies were that I had thought I could watch with my oldest...Fast Times at Ridgemont High (what was I thinking?!) and Sixteen Candles.Needless to say after watching a few minutes together I had to change the channel. Oh, well, I turned out okay (I think).

Anonymous said...

Oh Leeann! I laughed out loud at this post. I could just see and hear you telling me this. Great post!! Shelli

MOM said...

Guess we were all a bit naive in the "Grease" days. And I thought it was bad that Sandy became a "bad girl" just for John Travolta!! I had no idea of the language of the songs--I was too horrified at Prince's songs to let "Grease" bother me! Just wait, with your children you'll soon be longing for the good ole days again!! lol
Love you,