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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend Hair Fun

A great family day today.

We went en masse to get haircuts

and have some lunch.

Trey and Chris got pretty standard hair cuts

Chris's is spiked just a bit in the very front

so that he looks a bit like a schoolboy

from the 60's.

Kate on the other hand

was jonesing for something new.

I have sensed in her lately

the need for a change

A quiet discontent

as the woman tries to

emerge from the chrysalis

of the child


and long looks in the mirror

Trying to find a new way

to Be.

So, Kate got a

mild wave perm.

Something different

and the best option

for a child with perpetual


two cowlicks in

opposite directions

and the fine, thin

hair of her mother and father.

It looks really good.

I have been looking at her


all afternoon

My woman child

How long it has been

yet how recently it feels

to be standing

with one foot in adolescence

and one foot in childhood.

My hope is that she will come through


and her inner beauty will be

visible to all.

PS- and heck, at least she isn't shaving her head like Britney Spears!

1 comment:

mimitock said...

Katie's hair looks soo cute... She just might be able to wear a barette on the longer side with the new body she has. Great going Katie..Great new style..And it's easy for her too I'll bet.
Just enjoy Katie. You look adorable..
Love you.