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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heaven on Earth

There *is* a God.

Yessiree bob,
there is a God
and He knows that mothers,
no matter how much they love their children,
can only put up with
their bright, shiny faces
for so many days in a row.

That is why
mothers up and down the East Coast
were kicking up their heels today
when their children finally returned
to their first full day of school
in what seems like forever.

I could hardly wait to just return to my home
and savor the quiet.

I did about six loads of laundry,
watched one and a half
of my very *own* TV shows
with no interruption,
did the dishes
and took a shower.

All in blessed peace.

It was heavenly.

1 comment:

Richard Lewis said...

Nice. When may I savor some sultry bubbles from a hot tub? I guess that's at some time in a place some time away. Alas... that time may never come. Rats!
How about a good shower?