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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Fun

Just a short post today...

We had a great weekend. We went snow tubing for the first time on Saturday. It was awesome fun! You rent these big snow tubes, then ride a people mover thing (like a covered moving sidewalk) up a big hill. Then, when you get to the top, you disembark with your tube, choose a sledding lane (there were ten, with various degrees of slope, bumps etc) and then, when you are ready, TAKE OFF! You can go with as many as four tubes tied together, sit or go on your belly, spinning or running start. Great fun! We tubed for two hours, then ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. :-) I love my fried okra!

Today we pretty much hung out. The two younger kids went to relay races and tug of war from 1-3 at church and the oldest went to youth group in the evening.
Trey enjoyed playing Pirate today and I got some cute pics:

Have a great President's Day!

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