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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Idea of Polygamy

So with Rob out of town doing lawyer type stuff,
I snuggled deep under a blanket tonight
to watch some TV

(in case you don't know, it is ARTIC
butt-freezing, makes you whine like a cheerleader
kind of cold outside)

First I watched the first half hour of Supernanny
just to make sure there are still kids out there
that make mine look like angels
on their worst day

Once I satisfied that need
I flipped to a TIVOd episode of Dateline or Primetime
or whatever it was

It was a show on Polygamy
in Arizona

One man
(named Ariel, go figure that one out)
two wives
NINE kids.

what struck me most about the show, though,
is that for the women
it was about companionship, help
and having a mentor

Our society has lost that, as a whole.

Families are busy, shuttling here and there.
Kids to their activities
to school,
moms to their jobs or activities
homework, church.

Extended families often separated by miles
and states.
Just modern day life.

Playdates are planned
as a way of touching base with those around you
but even then,
planned is the key word.
Houses straightened
hats fastened on tightly
to show no cracks in the control
that women can do it themselves
and do it well.

Emotional distance.

My husband,
bless his heart,
listens and hears
and understands as best he can
but he is not a woman
or a mother.

I don't want a wife
or to share my husband
but a part of me understood
the benefit
to them.

Weird thought.

1 comment:

Richard Lewis said...

Yeah, that's a pretty oddball thought. From your description, it seems the women may be leaning on the same guy for some kind of validation/support, which seems fine in principle, but I don't see how the guy can give equal time (and love) to each. In addition, I'm just opposed to the institution on principle, sharing husbands and wives seems to make a mockery of commitment to one person.

Stick to Supernanny, and the ego boost the show provides. Maybe they'll spice it up by having Fran Drescher be the nanny (remember that show?).

Keep writing. You've got fresh, original ideas and a great flow in your writing.