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Monday, February 12, 2007

"It's S-ing! It's S-ing!"

Did you know there are all sorts of pre-snow day rituals and rules?

My daughter came home from school this afternoon
and we were knocking around in the kitchen
getting snack ready
and discussing her day

"Hey Kate", said I, "Did you know you will probably have a snow day tomorrow?"


I hear this gurgle/scream as my daughter turns around,
arms flailing.

"SNOW!" , she yells.

I stare at her in utter confusion.

"Yeah, snow. You're suppo...."

she yells again
this time looking more frustrated.

"SNOW!", she yells again.

At this point I am exasperated
and confused.

What in God's name is wrong with this child??

And why do I feel like Abbott dealing with a Schizo Costello?

"MOM!" Kate says. "Don't you know that if you say the word snow (snow) only once, you jinx it and it doesn't snow? (snow).


No, I didn't know that.
Of course, I grew up in Houston,
so all our games were about
West Nile Virus toting mosquitoes.

You can imagine what I did next.

Kate- AAAAGGHHH!! Snow!
Kate- MOM!! Snow!
etc etc
ad nauseum.

I got the final "snow" in
by pretending to be getting something out of the pantry
and whispering it.

I am cruel like that.

But, it will snow anyway,
since the kids are all wearing their pajamas inside out
and sleeping with spoons under their pillows.



mimitock said...

Just had to add a comment since you didn't have any...How did Gracie like the snow? How do you feel about wiping 8 paws instead of 4 if you get another dog? Just something to think about?!
Now I'll have to remember to say snow, snow and by the time I see Katie again, she'll be on to something else. Thought it was funny about the inside out pajamas and the spoon under the pillow. Do they still make snow ice cream?? That is part of the fun of snow--a great childhood memory.

"In my Daughter's eyes" said...

OMG I forgot about that! You were s mean to me. :)

"In my Daughter's eyes" said...

OMG I forgot about that! You were s mean to me. :)