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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good News/ Bad News

The good news:

My husband to the kids to Virginia to see his parents. I made all kinds of fun plans to go places and do things.

The bad news:

He took the keys for the van and the keys for the car with him, leaving me the spare van keys but no van.

The good news:

I can settle in and watch some tv, and do some reading.

The bad news:

I haven't been to the grocery in a week and a half , the food choices are pretty damn scant by now, and there is now no excuse not to do the stuff that needs to be done around here like laundry.

The good news:

There is a CVS within walking distance of the house, so I took the dog on a long walk to get the necessary food group: chocolate.

The bad news:

It is freaking cold and windy out there!! Holy crap!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Richard Lewis said...

You are nuts for considering a second dog. There's too much activity in your house for Gracie to be lonely. You'll be stuck caring for dog #2, and two dogs mean twice as much work. And I can tell you from experience that it is royally hard to walk two at the same time, so you may as well forget about a quick jaunt for the cioccolato.

Who's trying to nudge you into this decision? The kids? If so, you should set up a schedule that delineates who takes care of each dog, or you'll regret your decision.

That's the view from here. Good luck on our decision.
Get a rabbit!

mimitock said...

I hope to finally get a comment in on my daughter's blog...I keep trying but so far have been booted out..So, here goes.
Way to go Leeann!! I'm enjoying reading about you and my grandchildren with a bit of humor on the side..Go Leeann Go!!
Love you,