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Thursday, February 8, 2007

How much is that doggie?

How much is that doggie in the window?
At the shelter?

The kids and I have been wrestling with the puppy/dog question now for quite some time.

We feel that "the sherpa" (see previous post) would enjoy some company of the canine persuasion.

The kids want a dog who will lay on them and not cover the entire sofa and part of the neighboring states.

I wonder why I am even considering this given how much I was whining about my kids and my life one week ago on this very blog!

On the other hand, a tiny dog that I could go around holding like a newborn might satisfy those "I don't have a baby anymore" feelings.

We are swinging wildly from breed to breed as we consider our options:

A cocker mix?
One of the designer doodle types?
(we'd have to refinance the house or sell a kid, but what the hell, right?)
An English Springer spaniel?
A boxer?

Small dog or medium dog?
Puppy or adult?

I would love feedback on breeds and experiences.

If you think I am nuts for considering this,
Join the club!


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