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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Please join me in welcoming
the newest member of our clan.

After searching and wondering,
the most fantastic little dog has joined our family.

He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and poodle mix
and his name is Nigel.

Isn't that a great name?

Trey named him.

He is 15 weeks old and is playful
and also a total snuggle bug.


Richard Lewis said...

Oh, you all don't realize what you've got yourselves into with a second dog. Stress. Jealousy. Twice the poop. Twice the leashes (and the pulling, sometimes in opposite directions). Twice the responsibility (especially if les enfants n'aident pas). Twice the bills!

Other than that, I congratulate you all on finding one fine dog. A real keeper, that one, and if pictures can be a judge, a real calm pooch at that. And the name! How on earth did Trey conjure that one? Rex, Spot, maybe even Leroy, but Nigel? What's he reading, English literature? I salute my godson on a fine, offbeat choice.

I actually like that name Leroy. Maybe we should get a second dog...

Michelle would want to call him Fred. Yech!

mimitock said...

Pictures sooo cute that both a mother AND a grandmother could love them!! Nigel is adorable...In the second picture, both Chris and Nigel almost have the same look. Pensive...That really shows Chris' sensitive side and I love it!! May I suggest that if Nigel's eyes have discoloration under the eye, just give him bottled water or water from the frig, NOT sink water..Worked with Tasha..Someone who works at a hospital told me that and it works! try it and you'll be surprised...Cute, cute lap dogs..Congratulations on the NEW BABY!!
Love all of you.

Melissa said...

Your dog is so adorable! Almost makes me want to get one (not that I'd ever admit that to my kids!