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Monday, January 29, 2007

Star Wars through the Eyes of a Five Year old

Today was, thankfully, a much better day.
I am no longer certifiable
and I no longer hear the pitter patter of footsteps scattering upon my arrival.

The children no longer look stricken with fear.

Rob, well, he takes a little longer to come around.

Today Trey was watching Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back.
I was half watching with him, mostly sorting socks.

All of a sudden I hear this little gag sound, closely followed by a giggle.

I looked over at him and asked "Are you okay?"

'Yes', he giggled, "It's just that he KISSED her!"


"And it was really gwoss and it made me happy all at the same time.
And it fweeked me out!"

I had to laugh along with him
and I will have to remind him of this in ten years!


Richard Lewis said...

You've got to worry about Katie first. I have a sneaky feeling she'll be pushing the boundaries with locking lips...

Good grief and good luck!

Richard Lewis said...

You're up to 10 blogs! Woo hoo!
Now that the cheering has died down, where's the next one?
We love 'em!!!