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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

She's a Wicked Girl

My daughter, Kate, woke up this morning and started hyperventilating.

No, not because she had a dentist appointment at 8:50 AM
and she hasn't been flossing.

No, not because today is report card day

(which was enough to make me have to run to the bathroom ALL DAY when I was her age, because I knew how much trouble I would be in when I got home. And my brother always had perfect grades. And couldn't wait to show his report card. So I couldn't even hide it. Jerk.)

She was hyperventilating because after months of waiting, it is WICKED night at Baltimore on Broadway and Rob and I are taking her.

She has been listening to the soundtrack for well over a year and has been beside herself counting down the days.

So tonight Rob and I will take our little tween out for a night on the town.
Dinner with just us and a Shirley Temple.
Cushy seats in the theater between her mom and her dad.

Music that rips her little heart out.

As for me, I will pretty much miss the entire thing.
I will be too busy watching my little girl,
who is becoming a woman right before my eyes,

and I will thank God.

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Gina said...

So how was it??? Did she love it? I really need to do something like this with Taylor. I absolutely love eleven year olds. They are old enough to enjoy some fantastic stuff and young enough to still want to share with Mom.

It probably helps that sixth grade was the best year of school for me too.