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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Perspectives on Life and Death

As I was driving Kate to see Wicked last night, we got to talking about stuff.
You know, just catching up.
She was captive in the car and it was dark, so she couldn't read.

I was taking full advantage.

I asked her about a friend she hadn't seen in a while.
This was her best friend and previous next door neighbor.
Over the last year so, they haven't seen each other much, and I wondered if she missed her.

L- So, do you miss Emily?
K- No, not really.
L- Why do you think that is?
K- Well, we are different people now.
L- How so?
K- Well, she just seems young to me. When Nonna (her great grandma) had cancer, and we went to see her before she died, that changed something in me.
Before, I thought life was all fun and games but now I see that life is short. You have to live it and do your best.
I'm more serious now.


I am still stunned, a day later, at the perspective my 11 year old has on life.

I see her, watching the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, or Hannah Montana.
I listen to her fighting and bickering with brothers over the stupidest, most inane things
And I wish she would just GROW UP already

and then I hear her say something like that and I realize that she has been growing up all along.

Sometimes it takes a child to help us see that growing up isn't always visible on the outside
and that life is short
and meant to be lived wide open and without fear.

I hope I can be an example of that for her
as she is to me.

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