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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blue eyes Crying

Trey has been unhappy about going to preschool the last week or so, and I am started to get worried about it.

He is usually a pretty happy guy, unless he has good reason not to be. And even when he is grumpy or off center, he can be cajoled out of it easily. He moves on well.

So, I have been surprised that, for about the past week, he has been teary when it is time for him to be dropped off. The other days it has been the quiet mention of a stomach ache just as we pull up to school. A hug, a kiss, a have a great day and he has been fine. After school, all smiles and no negative comments about the day.

Today, no such luck.

We pulled up and I went to walk him in, as we were a couple of minutes late. He was teary before even exiting the van. Once we got to class, he was in full on tears. I sat and held him for a while, repeatedly asking what was wrong, asking questions but no further enlightenment.

He's my third child, so I am not freaking out or anything, but I would love to know what is up with him and how to alleviate his anxiety. I hate that I even wrote the word anxiety in correlation with my five year old son.

Any wisdom to share? Let me know!

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ljvincenty said...

Hi cuz.

OK, it was a looong time ago when Emmie was in preschool, but I remember facing a similar situation like you're facing with Trey. I don't know if a variation on this tip will work with Trey, but give it some thought.... (You'll understand after reading why I mention the word "variation"!)

I explained to Emmie that when I was a little girl and took a trip to Amish country, I was really taken by this necklace I saw that had a pretty star on it. I had spending money, so I bought it and then wore that necklace all the time. When I'd wear it, it made me feel happy.

I gave her the necklace and told her to keep it in her backpack. I explained that when she was feeling really sad, or was missing me, her dad, the dogs, or home, she could pull it out or just feel it through her backpack, and it would make her feel happy.

She still has that necklace in her jewelry box. She doesn't wear it anymore, and I think she has forgotten its significance by now, but it did help.

I don't think a necklace is going to work with Trey. *LOL* Maybe you could try something very special and meaninful that he could carry in his backpack or pocket and look at or feel when he's sad or lonely.

Love ya,