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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How Lazy am I?

I cannot believe how lazy I have gotten in such a short period of time!

You would think with three kids, I would be in the kid groove. And I am, of sorts. I entertained the first endlessly, then when I had her brother, I started getting them to play together. By the time the third came along, he didn't realize that playing with his mom was even an option.

And I like it that way.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I like making their meals (generally), hearing about their day, helping them with homework (unless it is middle school math...then I am just beyond!), reading bedtime stories, hanging out. But I am not a playing mom. Barbies- Snoreville. Rescue Heroes- just hang me now. A board game, something with a distinct beginning and end, I can do. Disney World, sledding- bring it! But dear God PUH-LEEZE don't make me play some endless little talking figure game!!

So why am I lazy, you ask? Because my little 2.5 year old niece is over here, spending a couple of days while her parents get well.


I have forgotten about the teensy, weensy, blink and you might miss it attention span of the two year old.
The "I want this, I want that." The "I need to tinkle and I can't wipe myself." The "If you leave the room I must follow you or I might be abducted by mutant space aliens or at least the boogie man."

It has been less than one day and I am weary. I feel old. I feel like I need a big fruity drink with an umbrella. Or at least a cold beer. And I don't even like beer much.

Lucky for her, she's cute. And my kids will soon be home from school and she can follow THEM!

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Meghan said...

LOL Leeann, I totally feel you on the playing with kids thing. I cannot do it. I have no patience. It has to have a clear beginning and a clear end or I just zone out. I knew I liked you!