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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tuck Ins

A while ago, maybe a year or so ago, a relative expressed surprise that I still tucked my boys in.
They didn't understand why boys 12 and 15 needed to be tucked in.

Truth is, they don't. They are certainly CAPABLE of putting themselves to bed. And more often than not, the 15 year old will poke his head in and say Good Night and that will suffice.

But oh, how much can be missed by not taking those moments to tuck in a child, even a growing or almost grown one.

Tonight, Trey and I discussed five things he is grateful for. It was touching to hear his list (family, friends, parents, heart loves {God and Roonoff}, and all the things he needs and some that he wants.)

He elaborated on all that I do "with most of the time no one saying thank you" and the work his Dad does "having to get up early and work late and even work on the summers" as well as his "heart loves"- "I mean, I can talk to you about almost anything but when I am really mad at you and I can't talk to you I can talk to God or Roonoff."

And then I tucked in Chris and lingered a bit and was able to talk with him in the dark about life and the trips we had taken this summer (highlights for him: Costa Rica mission trip, St Louis and Branson particularly the cliff and helping Grampie jump off the cliff) and also about his upcoming school year, for which he has high hopes.

These boys (and my daughter too but she is out of town) are such amazing gifts. Even when I am tired, I am so glad when I find and take the time to stop and listen.

I still, after 19 years of parenting, just cannot get over how freaking lucky I am.

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