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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


With everything going on with my Mom over the last week, I have found a myriad of reasons to be thankful,  some simple and some not. I thought as I sit here that I would share some of them with you.

Proximity- My Mom's condo is only a mile and a half from the hospital, via back roads. That has been such a huge blessing. In as metropolitan a city as Atlanta, distance and traffic could have played a huge factor. As it was, Richard and I were able to be here for extended periods at times but also to stop in for a while and then leave if we were working on her condo.

Time with my Brother- while this is never the way we would have arranged it, having this time with my brother has been an amazing gift. After a week together at all times except when we were sleeping, and during a very stressful time, there was no arguing or dissension. There was teamwork, and sharing of stories and memories, and even some laughter and gallows humor. I truly hope my children are able to grow their relationships from childhood into adulthood in this way. I cannot imagine going through this alone and having my brother with me made something difficult so much easier.  I am going to miss him terribly.

Spouses and Kids- Rob, richard's wife Michelle and our kids all deserve a shoutout. I'm on day 8 of being gone with no preparation for my husband or my kids. Richard was gone for a week from a home with two little ones ages 3 and 5. Kate stepped up to the plate in a HUGE way, planning meals, doing laundry and driving the boys. Rob held down the fort, took pictures of Chris at Homecoming and texted them to me, called attorneys in Atlanta on our behalf to ask legal questions and provided me with love and support. And Michelle? She took care of the boys plus had two others ages 4 and 10 months, during temperatures of -40 degrees. That is no small task my friends and she did not complain even once. My hat is off to her.

Additional Backup- My amazing mother in law, Marlene, is holding down the fort at my home now while Rob is in Arizona. This is only one of the many times she has stepped up to the plate and cared for my kids, providing love, meals, laundry and someone they can count on. I cannot thank her enough for being someone I know I can always count on.
I have been speaking to my Dad and stepmom daily. I jokingly said to my Dad that Rob has done his part, and now Marlene and he's up to the plate next. His response? If we need him, he will come to MD.  Just so you know, that is HUGE.  This man has, over the last seven years or so, battled cancer again and again. Had surgery after surgery, skin graft after skin graft. In October I was in Texas helping out with his care. To hear that he is doing so well is AMAZING and I am beyond thrilled.

We've been blessed with the kindness, hard work and dedication of doctors and even more so, nurses. They've been responsive to our questions and concerns and have treated us so well.

The love, prayers and support of our friends. This cannot be minimized. I had someone say to me once, when another was going through a crisis, that he couldn't imagine why they would post about it on Facebook. My response then, and even more now, is that it can feel very scary and lonely to be going through a crisis. The words of hope, kindness  and offers of support and prayers are like a warm blanket. They've lifted my heart and my spirits and Richard's friends have done the same for him. In times like this, Facebook is not only a social network but a support network as well. Many thanks for the messages, emails, texts etc. They have made such a difference.

The little things add up:

A hospital cafeteria that is actually pretty good AND Inexpensive. Who knew there was such a thing?
A refillable Einstein Brothers mug- coffee for $1.99 saves us in the mornings.

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