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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movin' On Up

Tonight Trey and I went to his International Night at his elementary school.

When he was in third grade, it was just a daytime event in the afternoon. Now, it is a full-scale production with Irish dancers, Korean dancers, Korean drummers, a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and tables laden with food from a variety of countries.

It's actually a very nice event, but I admit it. I am just plain over elementary school.
There were little kids EVERYWHERE (as there should be, it's THEIR school) and with every little kid, a parent or two following them around.
You could tell the "upperclassmen" because their parents were nowhere to be found- they had been ditched!
Many of the older kids, mine included, ducked out to play ball out on the blacktop and in the field. None of these lame presentations for them!

I was briefly annoyed when he wanted to go out with his friends, but then I let him go.
Soon these kids will be headed in different directions. I know Trey thinks about it, worries about sustaining those friendships.
I smiled at my fellow fifth-grade parents as I wandered the school, ducking the crowds and feeling glad to not have the overtired, screaming preschool sibs.

We met at the van at the conclusion of the program.
On the drive home, I asked Trey if he would miss elementary school, which teachers had been his favorite ones etc.

As we pulled onto our street, I said "Soon you will be graduating from elementary school!"
"MOM!" he exclaimed, "that is SO your generation to say that."
"To say what?" I asked, confused. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Mom, our generation doesn't GRADUATE. We complete a level. We LEVEL UP!"
Trey at 5

Touche', buddy. Game on.

Trey in 5th grade, in October.

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