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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just a Moment

The other morning, early, the doorbell rang.

I was rushing around getting Trey's lunch ready.
He was running behind even though I had gotten him up with plenty of time to spare
and I was getting his lunch packed while working to keep my demeanor pleasant and under control.

I was in my "before life starts" morning uniform,
which is quickly combed bed head, a tank top, no bra and a pair of sweatpants. 

I rushed to the door, yelling up at Trey to KEEP MOVING! and jerked it open.

There, on my doorstep, was my dear friend Donna from Bunco.
She was not in "morning uniform" but was instead impeccably dressed
and ready for a long commute to work.

She grabbed me, gave me an awesome hug full of so much love and care you would not believe it,
released me, told me that it would be okay and ran back to her car, 
with an "I love you" over her shoulder.

There isn't really a way to say how that ministered to my heart and soul.
It has stayed with me through a week of back to school, 
of adjustment-to-medication bumps,
through stress and self doubt.

Sometimes a moment, just a small moment, can make all the difference.

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