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Monday, September 17, 2012

How I Know.. and other observations

How I know Chris is growing.. when we tear the house up looking for his baseball shirt before his game, only to find it hanging in his Dad's closet because it is so big I thought it was Rob's.

How I know Chris is getting older.. he comes into our room, ready to leave for a birthday party.
"I'm GWBP ready!" he announces.
Rob and I look at him questioningly.
"Girls Will Be Present!" he shouts, laughing.

How I know I have two "highly sensitive" kids like me..
their socks are worn inside out so the seams don't touch their toes
their shirts have holes because a simple tag can drive them to distraction.

Other things I've learned this week-

Even for adults, seeing their kid's teacher somewhere other than school can be weird. One of the Fourth Grade Team teachers was at the Japanese Steakhouse this weekend and we were just as weirded out as Trey was.

You can add too much sh!t to a granola bar recipe and mess it up. And your husband will still eat it!

Sixth grade boys bring a whole new meaning to the word Hyper.

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