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Monday, October 3, 2011

Trying Not to be an Idiot

As I sit here typing this,
I am listening to Kate and Chris singing their hearts out upstairs.
They are singing really, REALLY loud.
I was going to watch a TV program but no matter how much I was cranking up the volume,
I couldn't hear the show at all.
I was *thisclose* to yelling upstairs to them to be quiet
and then I realized I was being a complete idiot.
My 16 year old daughter and newly-turned 13 year old son
are upstairs together singing, laughing, and enjoying their time together.
So instead I chose to shut my mouth, listen and record the moment.
Maybe I have learned something in the past 16 years of parenting.

Yes, we have a newly minted teenager in the house!
Chris just turned 13 this week.
He was very excited as the day approached.. he was going to be a TEENAGER!

It will be interesting to watch his journey.
He is our most affable and agreeable child..
a calm wind between two more volatile siblings.
In the past couple of months I've noticed his moods vacillating.
I have to counsel myself to let this be so.
He has the right to have some moodiness, some disagreeableness.
I'll just need to suck it up and try to be brave!


I have been spending quite a bit of time
on a website called Pinterest.
It is really fun but an enormous time suck.
Go check it out!


jen@odbt said...

That is a good reminder for me. I feel like I've been reprimanding and being just negative with my oldest. Gotta turn that around.

Happy Bday to your new teen! What an exciting time although I'll admit that I'm not sure what to expect from my oldest when he hits the teen years.

Gina said...

I have to regularly remind myself not to be an idiot. Tonight Delaney is having her birthday sleepover and I'm sure I will be tired of noisy girls by 9pm but I'm going to be good.

I love your spooky blog decor.