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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Springtime Robins

The kids and I had fun this spring
watching a clutch of robins grow and become fledglings.

I had noticed early in the spring that when I would walk out of the garage,
I was often startled by a bird flying out of the fir tree
that is literally right at the edge entrance of our garage.

After a while, it seemed more than a coincidence
so I parted a few branches and peered inside.
Sure enough, there was a tiny nest within
and a few little eggs!
I excitedly called the kids and we all admired the tiny blue eggs.

Within two days, there were two teeny-tiny, newborn birds in the nest.
Two more followed soon after.

We watched them grow and it was so very exciting to see such growth and change every day.

Then, less than two weeks later, we peeked in and only two little fledglings remained.
"Oh no!" we cried.
We were sure they had been discovered and taken from their nest
or had become too big and fallen out
(it had been getting WAAAAY cramped in that nest!)

The next day, the other two fledglings were gone.

However, only a day later, Trey spotted one of the little fledglings hopping in the yard.
Not many robin babies survive their first year but we are hopeful that at least some of ours will!

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Natalie said...

How cool that you took pics to show their changes. Pretty amazing! Although when they're newborns, they're a little scary with their big 'ol bumpy eyes!