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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fear Can Be the Mother of Invention Too

My daughter Kate, 16, recently had her Chamber Choir concert to attend.
This concert also includes the band and all choruses for the middle and high school combined, so it is lengthy three hour concert.

Kate had a Geometry test the next day and it has been her most vexing subject in high school to date.
She was concerned about not having enough time to prepare, and rightly so.

I was most impressed with her solution!

She took some thread and fabric and loosely sewed a pocket into the hemline of her dress.

Then, she made tiny Geometry notecards
and popped them securely into the little homemade pouch.

Then, during the time her group was not onstage, she could easily access the cards
and continue to prepare for her test.



dkuroiwa said...

smart girl, there. i hope she did well on the test!!!

and really....over the past few years of reading/stalking your blog, she has blossomed into an absolute beauty!! oh, she was cute before, but now? so pretty.

jen@odbt said...

She's beautiful! I hope she did well on her test - great way to multitask!