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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Like Riding a Bike? Menu Planning

After taking a respite of sorts from menu planning,
I'm getting back on the wagon.
Overall we've been doing well but there are a lot of expenses coming up
(camp, travel, new pool filter, converting to salt-water pool, van repair..)
and one of the best ways to save money is to PLAN!

One of the best ways to save money is to STREEEEEETCH expensive ingredients like meat as much as possible.

For example, late last week, I made a pot roast.
I cooked it in the crock pot with a can of beef consomme and some dry onion soup, along with some water, to make a lovely broth.
I served the pot roast with the carrots and potatoes from the roast and some couscous.

After the roast, I put the broth straight into the fridge, so that the fat could rise to the top overnight.
I put the remaining roast, potatoes and carrots into Tupperware.

Fast forward to tonight.
I easily took the hardened fat off the top of the broth, then heated it through.
Meanwhile, I added six cups of water, one yellow squash, one green squash,
peas, corn, a sweet potato and the left over carrots and potatoes from the roast.
Finally, I shredded 1/2 the remaining roast and added that.

Simmered the soup for about 30 minutes while I baked some biscuits.
Then served up the delicious soup for dinner,
then added two more cups of water to the remaining soup and back it went into the fridge.
The flavors will blend even more and it will be delicious on Tuesday for another dinner.
That last bit of remaining roast went into a labeled freezer bag for yet another soup, another time.

So there you have it- one roast will create FOUR dinners for a family of five.
That is some economical cooking!

On to the menu plan:

Sunday- vegetable beef soup, biscuits
Monday- Soyaki chicken, rice, salad, fruit.
Tuesday- remaining vegetable beef soup, garlic bread
Wednesday- panko breaded chicken tenderloins, garlic new potatoes, baby peas
Thursday- Brown sugar glazed salmon, couscous, green beans
Friday- Chicken ranch tortilla roll ups (using leftover chicken from Wednesday), fruit
Saturday- leftovers or breakfast supper
Sunday- Sausage cheese quiche and raspberry muffins

Do you have a plan for this week?
Share it in the comments!

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Gina said...

I'm impressed with your pot roast stretching! How big was that roast? My family complains about soup but I do try to stretch leftovers into another meal. Last monday's poached salmon leftovers went into the freezer and will make a second appearance tomorrow in pasta with cream sauce.