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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Giving Type of Girl

When the kids are bickering and fussing at each other,
sometimes I get so frustrated.
Other times, I remember that my brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs
(and much more physically than my kids do)
but when became closer in our teen years and remain so now.

I hope that for my own kids.
I see glimpses of it when I see them band together when someone is mistreating one of them,
or when one of them is scared or hurting.

Today, Rob and I got an awesome look at the relationship between Kate and Chris.

Trey and Chris had been asking me to take them to Game Stop if there was a snow day today.
They had each sold some old games and had compensation cards to spend:
twenty-eight dollars for Trey and over thirty dollars for Chris.

Trey knew what he wanted to buy and picked it out right away
while Chris fretted and deliberated (he's always like this with spending money.)
Finally he made his choice and took it up to the counter.
However, when he handed over his card, he was told there was only eight dollars on it.

He was crushed.

I told him I had to pick Kate up from the library so I would drop him at home
and if he found the correct card, I would swing him back by to pick up his game.
Sadly, he never found it.
Red eyed and weeping, he moved desolately through the house.

I told Kate what had happened when I picked her up
and when she got home, she helped Chris look to no avail.

When Rob got home, she whispered something to him
and then told me her plan:
she was going to go to Game Stop and buy him the game with her own money.

So secretly, Rob took her there.
She got the game, brought it back to him and gave it to him.
He was so happy and it was such a great moment to witness between my two children.

Earlier today, he had done something small for her, without hesitation, in kindness.
She paid him back later, above and beyond what he did for her.

I need to keep these moments in the forefront of my mind when they bicker and fight
and know that things will continue to only get better.


jen@odbt said...

LOVE this story! I'm hoping for the same empathy between my kids soon. Seems like all they do is get on each other's nerves.

Natalie said...

Awesome story!