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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mom's Trick

(Menu plan at bottom of post)

Having boys is nothing if not endlessly entertaining.

I'm driving along the other day
and Trey is looking at one of those books my boys pore over constantly:
World Records or Amazing Facts
or Inhuman and Gross Acts You Too Can Do With Your Body Parts.
(I jest!)
(But I bet your boys would LOVE a book like that though, right?)

Anyway, next thing you know, he's asking me if I can drink milk through my nose.
"Um, no.. but I've had it come out of my nose before when I was a kid
and I would start laughing," I told him.
Unimpressed, he told me that some people can drink with their noses
and that SOME people can make the milk come out of their EYES!

I swear, I nearly wrecked the car imagining milk shooting
out of my kid's eyes!

I told him I had a neat trick *I* could do with my nose
and that I would show him later, when we got home.

Well, he could hardly stand it.
He had to know what I could do.

So tonight at dinner he suddenly remembered
and nearly fell out of his chair in his excitement
as he reminded me.

So up the stairs we went, Chris following right behind.
I played up the mysterious nose trick I was about to perform
and they were both beside themselves.

I brought them up to the bathroom and pulled out my "magic pot"..
to people who watch Dr. Oz, you will know it as a Neti Pot.
I explained that I could make salt water go into one part of my nose,
up inside my face and then come pouring out of the other side of my nose.

Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets
while their jaws hung wide open.
I could practically hear them thinking:
NO. WAY. Ewww gross... COOL!

I got the water running warm and added some water and salt to the Neti Pot.
When I leaned over to do the demonstration, there was utter silence,
followed immediately by complete and utter pandemonium
as the water went in, there was a pause
and then the water came trickling out the other side.

I became the coolest nose trick mom of the year! ;-)

I then turned it into a little educational moment
of this being a form of Eastern medicine vs Western Medicine
and that many folks find relief from allergies with this vs. using medication
and how our bodies need salt water and how everything is connected and..and..and...

Then they both tried it.
It was awesome. Trey was scared half to death but he wanted to and he did!

Good Times!


Menu Plan

I'm liking being back in the swing of menu planning.
I really do better when I know what's going on each week.
I may not make a meal on a PLANNED day but then I know what's left
to fall back on as the week progresses.

Here's the plan for the week:

Sunday (tonight): Broiled Parmesan tilapia, rice (made double to use in casserole later in the week), and peas

Monday: Quiche and blueberry muffins, strawberries

Tuesday: Chicken cheese casserole, broccoli

Wednesday: Mediterranean flatbread pizzas, applesauce

Thursday: Johnny M Casserole, veg

Friday: Leftovers Buffet

Saturday: TBD.

For many more great menu plans, visit Laura at


jen@odbt said...

You are too cool. I am the biggest wimp. I made my son use the neti pot before I tried it but he needed to b/c of allergies.

Gina said...

ROFL!!! Neti pot tricks! I love it. Your menu looks good too.

Miz Helen said...

Just stopping by from Org Junkie. You bring back sweet memories of raising 3 boys and 4 girls, oh my. Your menu looks great. Thank you...