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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Martha's Vineyard

Toward the end of July,
the time had come to head to Martha's Vineyard.
I could hardly wait.
The Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard area had been on my bucket list
of places I wanted to go and see.

I had planned and made lists ad nauseum
and finally the day was nearly here.
Bags were packed the night before
and Rob loaded all the stuff into the "family truckster."
We had it packed to the brim.

The next morning, we left right on time, a little after 8 AM.
I was anticipating a drive of about nine hours to the Ferry
and our Ferry reservations were for 8:30 PM so I wasn't concerned at all.
After all, that allowed for three hours of stops etc.


I should, apparently, have been REALLY CONCERNED
because we barely made the Ferry.
Truly. I had no idea what would happen if we missed the Ferry.
It had been overbooked and waitlisted for MONTHS.
Fortunately we made it to the Ferry with not one minute to spare
and arrived on the Island around 10 PM.
It had been a LONG day.

It was night when we arrived but here is a view of the house we rented
when it was light:

My brother Richard had already arrived,
along with his wife Michelle and my nephew Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is just a DOLL
and my brother, well, he's just odd.

One of the first things we did that week
was take a walk over to the "Methodist Campground,"
which is a bunch of Gingerbread Houses surrounding
a Tabernacle building.
I love Gingerbread houses!

and here's the Tabernacle:

We then walked over to Circuit Avenue,
where a lot of the shops and restaurants are,
and had a nice lunch.

Later that day we headed over to the beach.
Most of the beaches at Martha's Vineyard are quite calm.
The first day we went to State Beach, which is one of the calm ones.

More to come.. later.

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Natalie said...

Love the Gingerbread Houses! More please!