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Thursday, September 2, 2010

All This Gingerbread is Making Me Hungry!

Like my friend Natalie,
I love Gingerbread houses.
I love Victorian houses as well.
For some reason, I am just drawn to them
and their beauty and whimsy.

Let me tell you something:
Martha's Vineyard is a Gingerbread House lovers DREAM!

After dropping by as a whole group on the first day,
I knew I had to go back.
My SIL Michelle and Kate came along with me
while I OOHed and AAHed.
Honestly, I could have stayed for another hour, at least.

They are like little fantasy houses.
Like this one.. the Wizard of Oz gingerbread house.

Can you find three Wizard of Oz characters hidden here?

Another whimsical house:

And a whimsical girl!


Natalie said...

I feel as if I should be retiring and living there at some point...

Natalie said...

Twice in one day--gross, I know. I should do something more productive. But I had to look at the pics again!

Ginaagain said...

Oh! So cute! Thank you for sharing those. I love gingerbread too.