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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer days, Summer goals

Like many families,
among the fun activities and vacation time we have planned
are also plans for goals or things that each kid needs to work on over the summer.

Kate will be working on some basic, do-it-yourself PSAT prep books
and also a typing program on the computer.
The time she invests now in learning to type correctly
will save her invaluable time as she writes longer and harder papers in high school.
She is also working on learning an overhand serve for volleyball.

Chris will be concentrating on improving his cursive handwriting
and also working on the typing program.
He might also work on his pitching.

Trey will be focusing on word problems and learning all his rote math facts.
He is also working on penmanship and writing skills.


I picked up a fun game this week at Barnes and Noble that the boys and I played twice tonight.
It is called "Real World Math: Unexpected Events."
Essentially you move your pieces around a game board and draw event cards.
Then you either credit or debit, according the amount on the card.
Everyone starts with 100$ in their checkbook register.
First one around the board wins a $100 bonus
and the person with the highest balance is the winner.

It was fun for all of us (it can be hard to find games that appeal to multiple ages at once)
and it was good math practice too.


The heat wave is breaking soon!
Temps will be in the low nineties soon.
Maybe even upper 80s!
I'm thrilled! :-)


jen@odbt said...

Typing was by far one of the most important classes I took in high school and yes I learned on a typewriter! I can't imagine having to hunt & peck my way through papers, etc. Smart move on Kate's part.

Soapbox Mom said...

That game looks great. Will have to add that one to our shelves.

Happy summer!