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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Drop Off and MPM

Today was camp drop off for Kate (15) and Chris (11.)

Kate went to this camp last year, so she was a lot more comfortable.
Not only that, but what a difference a year makes!
Going from 14 to 15 means a lot more sudden swings, if you catch my drift.
I think we were all ready for some space this week.

Because we had both kids getting dropped off at the same campus but at different areas,
Rob and I decided to split the load.
He and Trey would take Kate and get her checked in and I would take Chris.

Now, as we were driving along to the camp, I had been busting Rob's chops.
He's been doing this "backseat driver" thing where he is panicking every time
I am not paying the utmost attention.
Grabbing the dash, stomping the imaginary brake etc like I'm a new driver.
I am an excellent driver!

I was starting to get a little irritated at his drama
and informed him that I had quite capably shuttled his kids around their entire lives
without an accident and his was the car that was all beat up from driving into parking garage pillars.

So we get to the camp and I drop Kate, Rob and Trey off.
I am preparing to exit the drop off area when a bunch of cars start coming in
and blocking the exit while they ask where to go etc etc.
Clearly this will take a while!
Carefully, I maneuver my way around them... but apparently not carefully enough!
The side of my van catches along the wood and metal fence.
SHIT SHIT SHIT I am muttering under my breath as Chris sits wide eyed in the back seat.

"That was NOT good" commented Chris wryly.
"Yeah, I know," I said.
"THAT is an example of why you don't bust someone's chops, Chris.
I was mean to Daddy and karma came and took a big bite out of my butt!"

Meanwhile, Rob (who kindly did NOT bust my chops in return like he could have)
reported that the counselors were all talking about
"the lady who nearly took out the whole fence"
and that Kate was completely mortified.

Trey is enjoying all the attention of being the only kid at home.
A couple of days of that and he'll be bored stiff.
Meanwhile, we treated him to Boston Market for dinner
and frozen yogurt for dessert.

It has been ages since I have done Menu Plan Monday.
I have planned meals here and there but baseball/softball season
is really our undoing.
It is so hard to plan meals when you are arriving at a ball field before 5
and staying until after 8 PM.

Here's an attempted menu plan for this week:

Monday- Crockpot salsa chicken, yellow rice, asparagus.
Tuesday- Spaghetti with leftover sauce, peas.
Wednesday- Grilled Cheese and Soup, green beans.
Thursday- Red Wine Balsamic grilled chicken, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini
Friday- cook out at camp pick up
Saturday- Roasted crock pot chicken, fresh whole carrots, garlic red potatoes
Sunday- Leftovers/ free choice.

For more great menu ideas, pop on over to Laura's at
There is no way you can look at all those menus and not get some great new ideas to try!

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jen@odbt said...

Oh boy, karma. That stinks.