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Monday, July 12, 2010


This has been a big year for all members of my family
but the biggest changes have to be in my daughter Kate.

This year was the start of high school.
A brand new school, new friends to meet and make,
new challenges and routines to face and learn.

During this year, I had the profound privilege and pleasure
to watch my daughter try a sport - volleyball - for the first time.
Determination and a positive attitude won her a spot on the JV team,
but ultimately those two attributes could only take her so far.
I have watched her focus and practice and learn
and her progress has been unmistakeable.
She will be quite a contender on the JV team next year.

I have watched her handle her classes with aplomb.
At this point, she has surpassed my math skills
(and the highest math level I reached in college, I might add,
once she takes Geometry next year)
and nearly reached my highest level in Science as well.
(How in the world did I even GET into college??)

Over the course of the past eight months I have also watched her
audition for and make Chamber Choir,
join the softball team and learn the sport
(tonight she made an out, a hit and scored a run!)
get a part in the Sound of Music and perform in the play,
and go on a week long mission trip to Guatemala over Spring Break.

My child astounds me.
She is more self assured and kind than I ever was.
She is a person who knows herself and is very perceptive and loving.

I am so very lucky I have her as my daughter.


jen@odbt said...

Beautiful post! You should be proud - you've done a wonderful job raising her to be a confident woman. I hope my daughter will follow a similar path as your Kate.

Ginaagain said...

And she is so lucky to have you for her mother. You have given her the freedom, opportunity, and encouragement to try new things and really find her self!

Purple's Mom said...

Confident AND Kind! Seems like the PERFECT combination for soaring through adolescence with flying colors! (Of course...I can't help but remember that the teen peer group does not always agree with that assessment of "essential" criteria, so I feel compelled to point out that it can't HURT that she is also DARLING! heehee!)
Beautiful post, btw! What a Mommy's heart you have!