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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Funnies

Every now again my kids do or say something
that remind me that they were once blonde.

Case in point:

1) Kate and I were leaving the county library.
Right next door a new, larger library is being built.
The construction zone is surrounded by a large area of chain link fencing,
each section attached to the next,
with a small sign on each section that says "Long Fence."

Kate said with a huff, "Well, THAT'S STUPID.
Don't they think we know it's a long fence?"

(If you don't get that, Long Fence is a brand.)

2) Chris and his dad were rushing around getting ready
for the baseball playoff game this afternoon.
"Chris, will you fill the water bottles?" his dad hollered
as he ran upstairs to change.
I watched Chris grab the first bottle, a blue one,
and take it to the fridge's water dispenser.
He pushed the lever with the bottle and water shot out onto the floor.
"HEY!!" he muttered.
He pushed the water bottle up against the dispenser again
and more water shot all over the floor AND Chris.
"It's IMPOSSIBLE to fill up this water bottle!" he shouted.

I looked over and burst out laughing, much to Chris's dismay.
"Try taking the LID OFF!" I told him, amidst my giggles.
Yeah, he was not amused. :-)


Ginaagain said...

Oh dear.. I guess my blonde is showing today because I was completely with Kate until the very last line of that story. As for Chris.. ROFL!

Nic said...

Lol! Good ones!

jen@odbt said...

I could see the second one happening in my house too. Those were pretty funn!