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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now I Understand!

As a child,
I had poor impulse control.

Put another way,
I had trouble looking ahead from what I wanted to do
to what the potential consequences might be.

A few examples:

As a child:

- I picked the green tomatoes off all a neighbors tomato plants. I thought I was being helpful in gathering them.
- I, in conjunction with a peer, shook and opened every can of soda in my friend's parents garage. I wanted to see the fizz explode into the air.
- I, in conjunction with another peer, opened and used the paint cans in a neighbor's garage.. ON their garage.
-I was constantly, even well into my teen years, mixing "potions" with various lotions, perfumes etc. Often these would be spilled, staining the carpet.

And that is literally the tip of the iceberg.
My poor parents would wring their hands and gnash their teeth.
"What were you THINKING?!" would be the refrain
and it was nearly impossible to explain that I just ... wasn't.

I literally never thought at those moments about why I shouldn't do something
or that I might get in trouble for what I was doing.
Of course, once I was in trouble I got it.. but not before or at the time.

My first two kids don't have this poor impulse control.
But my third?

He has it in SPADES.

I try hard to have extra understanding and patience with him
over these incidents because I recognize that look of surprise when he gets in trouble
or when something happens (spills, explodes etc etc) that he had never considered.

But Good Lord Almighty, today was a real test.

He's old enough that I won't put it on this blog for the world to see
but I will have to write it down somewhere because I DEFINITELY want to remember this..
just so I can remind him when he has a kid of his own someday
who is Just. Like. Us.


Nic said...

Oh, the joy of parenting. We get to experience all of the wonderful positive things, and we also get to clean up the messes and hope that we aren't sending them straight to future counseling by our reactions. lol(I want to know what he did) lol.

Natalie said...

I often wonder why I even bother saying things like, "Why would you do that?" Because they never know!

Ginaagain said...

Oh dear.. I can imagine so many things that he could have done! I hope there's no lasting damage. :-) I have one child who is just like me too and drives me absolutely insane.

jen@odbt said...

Nah I don't believe that about you. I often wonder why my kids do what they do...I guess if I remember back to being a kid, I'd know the answer, they don't know why. PS I am curious too.

Ellen said...

I remember when I was little, Mom bought a new pair of scissors. I cut the shower curtain with them to see if they were sharp. People like you, Trey, and me are just interested in the world around us!

dkuroiwa said...

I have always had an inkling of something, but this year, it became all-out oldest son is pretty much just like me when it comes to school and studying. I have tried, but...I really can't deny it. As I vent my frustrations to my mother about his lack of caring about school, how getting good grades really isn't that important and if he passes, then, that's okay, how his friends tend to be waaaay more important than anything else and how his room is making me crazy... It's a mess.....and on and on I go... my mom...on the other end of the line, nodding her head and saying "i understand, debbie...I...understand". and seriously...if i hear "what goes around comes around" one more time? yeah...i'm going to blow!!
i need to ask my grandma what my mom did that made HER crazy...ammunition. ;-)