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Monday, May 17, 2010

My three children- my heart.

For my birthday this year,
Rob picked out something that is the surest way to touch this Mother's heart-
Willow Tree figurines that represent my children.

The "Roses in my Garden" is new in the Willow Tree line.
There is a Reliquary- a beautiful case in which to store the figurines.

In the Reliquary, Rob chose a child figurine
to represent each of our children's
unique qualities..
and I think he did a beautiful job.

He chose the "Spirited Child" for Kate because she is our child who is "more"-
in fact, I frequently read a book called "Raising Your Spirited Child" when she was young.

He chose the "Caring Child" for Chris, our middle child and mediator.
This could well have gone with Kate as well. Chris lives his life with his heart wide open.

For Trey, he chose the "Imaginative Child." Trey is our dreamer, inventor and creator.
His mind is often only partly in this world.

I love it!


jen@odbt said...

That is a beautiful gift - I love how much thought Rob put into it.

Ginaagain said...

It's lovely and so is Rob! What a great gift.

Nic said...

Great job Rob!

dawson47707 said...

What a touching gift. The figurines are beautiful in their simplicity and their arrangement in the reliquary. What a nice thing to see every time you enter the room!