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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Flow Rider

There's a water park that the kids and I have gone to for several years.
One of the popular things to do there is something called a "Flow Rider."

Essentially, it is an area where the water is designed to act (flow) as a wave.
It has a very strong force that allows one to "surf" on the water and,
if you are good enough, perform water tricks and turns.

I love to camp out on the chairs there and watch.
First, it is fun to watch people try. From watching, it is clear it is not easy for most!
Second, it is fun to watch the people who DO know what they are doing.
Especially when they tilt the board in such a way that they splash all the kids waiting in line.
Third, it is especially fun to watch people try when they are wearing a loose swimsuit
or if a particularly dense girl tries it in a bikini.
Trust me, you will see more full moons at this section of the water park
than in several years of watching the skies!

A year ago, Chris tried it and completely flopped. He was sad and dejected
and refused to entertain the notion of doing it again.
This year when we were going to the water park, he said he didn't plan on trying it again.
But after a couple of hours there, he had a change of heart and decided to give it a try.
Success!! Even though he was dragging his feet and taking in face-fulls of water,
he stayed on the board.

Chris prepares to jump into the rapids.

The leap of faith. Go Chris!

Later on, he tried it again with even more success, staying on while putting his arms out to his sides like he was flying.

Trying to listen to the instructor over the roar of the water.
Banking a sharp turn.

It was good to see him take the chance and try again this year
and even better to see that chance pay off!


Ginaagain said...

How cool! I'm so excited for him.. and a little worried about him deciding that he wants to try wakeboarding in the ocean the next time you go on vacation! I can't believe it's warm enough for waterparks already! We might make 65 today.

Purple's Mom said...

Awesome! This is what "taking chances" is ALL about! Love it!