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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

If you are easily repulsed,
do yourself a favor and bypass this post..


You know how cats
will bring their masters
dead mice or birds
as a sign of their love and devotion?

Well, all I can say is
that my two sons
must REALLY, REALLY love me!



Pamela Fierro said...

What the??? Do tell - what is it? (or should I say was it? ) Those teeth!

Ginaagain said...

Oh my god, what is it?! And where did they find it? And why didn't Gracie bring it home instead? Eww, icky!

Natalie said...

Oh lordy. WTF is that???? Baby dinosaur?

dawson47707 said...

I love this photo! Looks like the Le Brea Tar Pits.

Leeann said...


Now I am going to have to Google that to learn what you are talking about!

I am pretty sure it was a possum at one time. Or possibly a raccoon. Ick!!

Heather said...

Oh, how... sweet!