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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow and MPM of sorts

The word that has been heard most often this winter is SNOW.

Our first snow of the season came in early December.
There was plenty for the kids to sled in and enjoy.

Before Christmas, we got a doozy.
At least, what we once defined as a doozy.. now we define it differently!
But, there was LOTS of snow and the kids enjoyed new games like
building snow forts from the snow hills that the plows leave behind.

Since then, we have had a couple of more snowfalls,
culminating in the Be-all-and-end-all of snowfalls that occurred this past weekend.
It had many monikers:
Snowmageddon was the most often heard.
There were also Snowpocalypse and my personal favorite, SnOMG!

Yes, we had approximately 3 feet of snow dumped on us in a less-than two day period.
It was something to see!
I also got to see Snowthunder and lightning during the Blizzard (at 4 AM)
for the first time ever.
The next day we emerged from the garage to witness a winter wonderland like we had never seen.
(We exited the garage because we didn't dare (and still don't dare!) open the front door or the back slider!)

And now, in 48 hours, we are prepared to do it all again. Snow is forecasted Tuesday evening through Wednesday for anywhere from 6 inches to over a foot, on top of the three feet we have, since the temperature won't rise over freezing.


I am not sure when my kids will ever go to school again.
Well, I guess I do know...
They'll be going all summer long!

Menu Plan Monday will consist of using some of what we have and being inventive during this very snowy season.
Pulling from the freezer and pantry,
we will have:

Spaghetti with 50/50 ground beef and turkey
Manwiches with 50/50 ground beef and turkey
Salsa chicken roll ups with fresh veggies
Grilled cheese and vegetable soup (vegetarian meal)
Leftover smorgasboard


Dawn said...

Holy cow! I have been hearing about Snowmageddon, but seeing the pictures on your blog really wows me. I have only experienced snow thunder one time, and it was quite fascinating to me. I'm so glad you have things in your freezer and pantry to pull from. Stay warm!!

jen@odbt said...

No more snow! Please?

Heather said...

Well, personally I think if it is going to be cold it may as well snow. I know I am probably in the minority with this one, but I bet you I have a kid or two on my side...

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

What's winter without snow! I would prefer over ice any day. I do get kind of sick of it though when it is still coming down in April!