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Monday, February 22, 2010


We have a neighbor girl who lives in the house behind ours
who is the same age as Chris.

I just love her.
She is the perfect girl because ALL my kids like her and get along with her.
She is even tempered, kind and friendly.
She has fantastic manners but plays Madden 10 on the Wii
and kicks ALL their asses in any sport.

We had an extra ticket to go see a movie today
(Kate had a conflict)
and so I told Chris to call her and invite her to come along,
since she is a "shared friend."

I listened to the conversation on speaker phone
and OMG it was awful!

Not on her part but on Chris's.

S: "Hi, Chris!"
C: "Uh... hi."
S, brightly: "Is this too early to call? My mom said you called last night and I was playing my basketball game."
C, slowly, like molasses dripping from a tree while partially frozen: " It's okay."
S: "My mom says you were calling about a movie?"
C: "Uh, yeah..... Percy Jackson......"
S, undeterred by the huge lags in the conversation: "I figured that was the one. There aren't that many good kid movies out right now!"
C: "Uh... yeah."
S: "So what time should I come over?"


At this point I just gave up and quit listening in.
If I didn't know better, I would assume that Chris talking to our neighbor about going to a movie would be the equivalent to having bamboo shards stuck under his fingernails one by one.
Rather, it is just the opposite. Both the boys really enjoy her and she is a joy to be around.

But the phone skillz?
Dude, they are just BAAAAAD.
We need an etiquette class or something in the worst way!


Pamela Fierro said...

I think it's not just an issue of etiquette ... I think kids these days (did I really say "kids these days"?!? What a geezer!) Anyway, kids these days just don't like to talk on the phone! They text, they Facebook, they IM, they chat. But to carry on a phone conversation is "equivalent to having bamboo shards stuck under his fingernails one by one." Like you said. It's not just boys, it's girls too. My girls would rather walk six miles than pick up a phone and call someone.

jen@odbt said...

I'm laughing with you. My kids don't have much experience on the phone either. When they do have a phone conversation, it's pretty much silence with lots of prompting on my part.