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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creepy Crawlers to iPads

I'm sitting here on my bed with Trey beside me.
He is barefoot, in a red robe, with a red fleece jacket, inexplicably, on top of it.
He is in that seated-crouch thing that young kids do
and he is supposed to be doing his nightly reading.

I would like to be doing some nightly reading too,
but instead, I am interrupted every couple of minutes,
with tales of red-bellied piranhas devouring humans and whales,
venomous snakes and other frightening creatures.

Lovely bedtime reading, right?

Chris will be shadowing at my daughter's school in a couple of weeks.
He might be changing to the private school next fall.
It is a possibility that has come around quickly
but one we feel is worth exploring if that is what he wants to do.
Kate has absolutely loved it so far and we have really watched her blossom.

However, I know full well that a school that is right for one child
may be completely and totally wrong for another.
I am really looking forward to hearing his opinions and perspective.

So, the big reveal from Apple came today.. the iPad.
First, that seems like a pretty Lame name.
I mean, come on. Who doesn't immediately think of period jokes?
That having been said,
the gadget-freak side of me is salivating.
I will have to decide, ultimately, which way to go come September:
an iPhone or a regular, inexpensive phone and an iPad?
Decisions, decisions.

We are continuing to decide on our summer vacation
but one of the places high on the list is the
Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area with a stop off in Nashville.

Does anyone have any recommendations for lodging
in G/PF? Has anyone rented a cabin that they particularly liked?


jen@odbt said...

Not sure if I'd be able to sleep.

As for the iPad, I keep picturing people holding up this big "iphone" and saying Hell-oooo?!??? You know we're going to start seeing spoofs on it soon. Tough decision, since I don't have an iPhone or macbook, I'll just tell my hubby, I'll take any of the three ;)

Natalie said...

I wonder what my chances are of ever getting to Dollywood after the last Branson incident? It's not looking good.

Soapbox Mom said...

I vote for the iPad and a regular, inexpensive phone because I think the phone is the least important element of the iPhone (and you know how much people knock the whole AT&T thing...). And the iPad will be super fun for you.

More importantly, you'll be able to do many things that I know you love to do (e.g., reading, email, blog entry). It's all about the apps. I'd recommend checking out the app store now (on iTunes) to find some apps (out of the 140,000+) that you like or would find particularly helpful (or just fun!). And you know I'd be happy to give you oodles of suggestions!

Have you viewed the video about it (on Apple's website). It's worth a few minutes of your time.

I hear you about the name, though. Ugh. But, once you get past that...

(or something close).