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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blinking into the Light

We are like moles coming up from the dark.

After having the kids felled one, two, three from a stomach virus,
the sunshine and warmer weather outside brings much needed light and health to our home.

Windows are cracked open throughout the house
to let the germs out and the clean fresh air in.

OUT with the nasty Lysol spray smell.
I hate the smell of Lysol.
It makes me instantly nauseous. UGH!

All three kids are home today but are looking much more like themselves.
Chris and Kate were hot with fever yesterday.
They were in their beds but no one was home in their heads.
Trey being home today was more like a sympathy vote.
He complains of rogue stomach pains but I think it was more that we were all home and he wouldn't be.

He is relegated to his room with no electronic access and is rapidly becoming deathly bored.
That's the goal, son.

I'm heating up a nice lunch, a luxurious lunch, for myself
after days of caretaking.
A little chicken piccata with artichoke and capers,
some green beans, a bit of fresh sweet-tart apple.

I'm also wandering through recipes
and planning meals for the upcoming days.
So far I am considering a Potato and Ham casserole,
Baked Potato soup (for tomorrow! Yum!)
and crockpot Orange chicken.

I also want to try a homemade light version of
Cream of Broccoli soup,
Beef vegetable stew
and a Cheeseburger soup.

Can you tell I'm looking for comfort foods? lol

photo courtesy of Edgewater Tech.

What are your favorite comfort food recipes?
What are your favorite recipe sites?


jen@odbt said...

Come on spring! I hope everyone is feeling better and smart of you to take away the electronics for the rouge stomach ailment.

I love soups for comfort foods and have an easy, delicious recipe for lasagna soup. It's on my blog - just click on recipes on my label cloud and it should come up. Let me know if you can't find it.

Natalie said...

Hey! Is the crockpot orange chicken from the crockpot365 Web site? That's a favorite around here!

My favorite comfort food is chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. No recipe. . .