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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Requested MPM!

I was both surprised and amused
to get a note from TWO friends yesterday
asking me where my menu plan for the week was.

Heck, I think my menus are BORING
and just assumed everyone knew it was blog filler! lol

But anyway, with a strut in my step,
I am creating this week's menu
just for my two little menu fans..
and who knows?
Maybe there were more of you,
pining silently in the corner. :-)

(Sunday and Monday were both sports banquet meals)
Tuesday we had grilled cheese and choice of chicken noodle or tomato soups.
(see? I told you my menus are lame lately!)

Wednesday: Chicken club wraps, green beans, fruit
Thursday: Breaded steak with garlic potatoes and asparagus
Friday: Whole wheat pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce, caesar salad
Saturday: Dinner out with friends. I am taking Artichoke dip and a dessert
Sunday: Parmesan crusted tilapia, alfredo noodles, peas.

There you have it!
What about you? What is on YOUR menu this week?


Ginaagain said...

I have not had the drive to plan a menu since my weekly CSA shares stopped coming. I'm mourning the loss of fresh veggies. Who would have thought that five months of freshness would make the coming of fall even more depressing!? Ah well.. I'm going to have to suck it up and get back to planning things. I like your menu. (perhaps I'll just steal it)

Natalie said...

Thank goodness. I can sleep now. Thank you!

But, here's what we're eating/ate this week, for fun.

Sunday--lasagna--made in the crock pot from that Web site; caesar salad; garlic bread

Monday--Pot roast, mashed potatoes (these were "prepared" foods from Costco!); peas

Tuesday--Crock pot fish chowder, also from that Web site (holy cow that was good); fresh bread

Wednesday--Crock pot chicken tacos, rice, raw veggies

Thursday--Breakfast for dinner--gluten-free pancakes (experimenting to see if the people of this house can go gluten free); bacon; fruit parfaits

Friday--frozen pizza, oh how I love Fridays

Saturday--The boys and Eamonn are eating dinner at the fire station and having a tour. I look forward to eating cereal!

Chris said...

Oh Leeann--how funny--I was going to post yesterday & ask you what your menu was! Great minds think alike:)