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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bloggers I wish I could be like.

As a blog writer,
I would like to think that I have something interesting or entertaining to say.
At least enough that more that people don't sigh when my blog
pops up in their reader and think "Not HER again!"

But as much as I try to convince myself,
I am faced with some really wonderful blog writers
who show me what it REALLY means to blog well.

And today, at the risk of losing you all
like a bad case of "white flight,"
I want you to meet three of my personal favorites:

Oh, I love this girl. She is brave in her posts in a way that I wish I could be.
Her perspective is hilarious if not occasionally bizarre and disturbing.
I nearly always find myself chuckling if not guffawing aloud.
Kristen's "stream of consciousness" writing and willingness to show
the underbelly of parenting and growing up anxious and shy
make you fall in love with her over and over again.

Funny. Bust a gut funny. And then, when you least expect it,
a post that sucker-punches you and brings you to tears.
Amy is the Cool Parent who is relatable and real
and I love the way she and her husband Jason love their boys.
Amy has bravely taken us on her journey of discovery
through her son Noah's sensory issues with sensitivity
and humor.. and a great heaping dose of love and pride.

Chris Jordan is the writer of this blog
and every time is pops up in my reader, I get a little thrill.
The mom of MANY boys and one girl,
she just puts it right out there.
A former homeschooling mom who recently relocated her kids
to Texas, their adventures and her perspective in sharing them
(especially the antics of her youngest, Miles)
are guaranteed to make you smile.
Start in the archives and work your way forward!

Click on their links and visit their blogs.
And tell me, what is your favorite blog to visit?


Amalah said...

Thanks for the nice words! (I also adore Swistle and Chris, so I'm happy to be in their company.)

Swistle said...

You are so nice! Thank you!

Chris said...

awww...they are all great(I just snuck a peak) & so are your blog entries Leeann! Keep up the good work ladies!!