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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are and MPM

Yesterday I took Trey to see Where the Wild Things Are
while Kate went to see Fame.

I was blown away by WTWTA.

I didn't expect my reaction at all.

Somehow the director of the film (Spike Jonze)
managed to capture all the joy and exuberance,
powerlessness and helplessness,
anger and magic and injustice
and deep emotion of childhood
without minimizing it.

It spoke to the child in me
and it spoke very loud and clear to the little Wild Thing
sitting beside me.

Trey is the child who will be wild or annoying to get attention,
who will go into a rage over a perceived slight or injustice,
who can't apologize directly but will gladly do so if given a way to protect his pride.

Trey is Max.

He is also a child who feels things incredibly deeply,
and the same behaviors I listed above
are his cover- up for feeling scared, confused, lonely,
misunderstood, or sad.

The job ahead of me is to help him to identify his emotions
and learn to be able to show them for what they are
instead of hiding them in other behaviors.. behaviors that hide
the very sweet and sensitive child who hides behind them.

I can relate.

Not only were Trey and I both crying at the theater
(while trying to hide it, of course)
but when I was telling Rob about the movie tonight
I found myself crying all over again.

Go see it.
And when you do, come back here
and tell me what you thought of it.


It's that time again!
Menu plan for the week:

Monday- Salsa chicken with saffron rice and veggies
Tuesday- pizza night at Kate's school for volleyball
Wednesday- Roasted chicken with roasted veggies and brown rice
Thursday- grilled cheese on wheat and tomato soup
Friday- lasagna and garlic bread, cantaloupe
Saturday- chicken enchiladas and quesadillas, fruit
Sunday- Lasagna, Part 2.

For more menu ideas, visit Laura at!


Rona's Home Page said...

My husband has actually express interest in seeing the movie. Sounds like you would give it a "thumbs up".
You have a tasty week of recipes planned.
Please feel free to stop by my blog. Our family is looking for ways to reduce our grocery bill since my husband and I are unemployed.
You have a wonderful week!

jen@odbt said...

We thought about taking the kids but they don't appreciate the book. I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

Ginaagain said...

Oh dear.. I had a completely different experience with WTWTA. :-(

Your menu looks great. Bob is out of town again and I'm not really planning anything this week because the kids are sick. Lots of sandwiches and scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the movie, my son (17 yr old Manly man) has been waiting for it for 6 months! It was his favorite book as a child, and we still have it. Daughter, 13, went as well, we all LOVED the movie, so much symbolism, great conversation on the way home!