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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It sucks to be a kid

Kate is home directly after school today 
for the first time since the beginning of the school year.

As such, she was unfamiliar with the new rule 
instituted this year:
After snack, the kids are required to play outside for one hour.

Coming in early under the auspices of "needing to go to the bathroom"
this conversation took place:

K- What happens when the weather gets bad?
Me- You'll go outside unless it is below freezing.

K, looking flabbergasted, after a long pause-
I don't think I like you anymore!
Me, shrugging- That's okay, I'm not in it for the liking!


Ginaagain said...

She's really complaining about being outside? My kids would love that rule.

Nic said...

I could not do that with caitey. She has way too much homework. By the time she gets home from swim team/chorus/musical practice/voicelessons/, she barely has enough time to finish homework. But she would probably gripe about playing outside too. I think she is past the playing outside stage. Brooks on the other hand would love that. But we have a homework first rule.

Jennifer said...

My kids love playing outside but by the time Matt gets home at 4:30, he's got homework and often martial arts class or scouts that would make that rule impossible here. But getting my kids to play outside is not my issue -- getting them to STOP playing outside is a bigger one for us (when stuff needs to get done inside!). Of course, when it's 100 degrees, they're less enthusiastic...

Suzette said...

Yeah, the closest I can get to playing outside is for my girls to read on the porch swing or even bring the laptop out. But they do have a lot of homework, not every day, but most days. I have made them go outside on nice days or days when there's a lot of time, like days off or summer days.
No, once they're in HS, its more like you need to get a job after school! (and in her defense, katie did have a job after school, last year. Maybe she'd rather do that (seriously))

jen@odbt said...

My kids would love this. We get homework done first before outside play. I think I'd have a hard time getting them back inside. I like your thinking - not in it for the true!

Leeann said...

Kate was quite offended with my post. LOL

The thing with my kids is, once they are out there, they generally have fun and will often be out there for a couple of hours. It is just getting them to go out- kind of like I am about exercise!

Kate and Chris worked on volleyball and Chris and Trey will often throw a football or ride bikes. If there were more kids to play with, I expect they would be out longer.

Natalie said...

hahahahahaha! Love it!

Cindi said...

Too funny!

Sometimes today's kids think we are here to be their friends and not their parents!

I'm glad you're sticking to your guns!